Infinite Ranges
Avoiding bad faith actors starts here, with a little knowledge.

Cybersecurity for Dumdums, Parts 1–3

Key Terms, Vital Concepts, and Why You Need a Policy, Not Just Cool Hackers In Leather Jackets

Easy there, Doc Holliday

What’s ‘An Information System’ anyway?

What Kind of Lunatic Would Threaten My Innocent Lil’ Information System?

Wait, really? Hackers aren’t all bad?

If there are White-Hat Hackers, there must be Black-Hat Hackers, too, right?

So what you’re saying is the world of cyber-criminality is pretty big…

What’s the cost of not investing in my own cybersecurity?

My money gone … my reputation sullied… Can it get worse than that?

I get it! I get it, already! Cybersecurity is important! Yeesh!

So how do I get all three in this C.I.A. framework?

Security policy! I like the sound of that! Sounds strong! — Austin-based. Woman-owned. Experts putting the sec in #devsecops on every path to full-blown #digitaltransformation ☁️👾🧠😎💁‍♀️